Här är den – McLarens mumsiga nya F1-bil MCL34

McLaren Racing presenterade idag ett helt nytt förarpar för första gången på 12 år, när Carlos Sainz och Lando Norris tittade på när 34 av deras McLaren-stallkamrater avslöjade nya MCL34, stallets 2019-bil, inför testerna nästa vecka.

I år kör Sainz (24) sin femte Formel 1-kampanj, medan Norris (19) startar sin debutsäsong, när McLaren fortsätter sitt prestationsåterställningsprogram under 2019.

MCL34 liveryn fortsätter att sporta den ikoniska McLaren papaya orange som ekar den färg som Bruce McLaren valde för stallets första Formel 1 Grand Prix 1966. Årets färgsättning är en progression från 2018 med en komplementär blå-färg som är en liten nick till stallets bredare racing arv.

Carlos Sainz #55

“I’m really looking forward to the tests and excited to finally go racing in McLaren colours. I know everyone at the factory has been working very hard over the winter to prepare ourselves for this year, and I think the team has done a fantastic job with the livery of the MCL34.

“I’ve been especially focused on my preparations this winter. New training routines, new diet, very specific simulator sessions, and extra time with the engineers to develop and align certain aspects of the car to my preferences. The factory has become my second home since I moved back to the UK and everyone in the team is moving in the same direction. We know the big task ahead of us and we first need to evaluate where we are after the tests. From there onwards, I can’t wait to start racing and keep pushing forward together.”

“As ever, we move fearlessly forward.”


Lando Norris #4

“Next stop, Barcelona! Seriously, I can’t wait to get behind the wheel in testing. I’ve been working hard over the winter preparing for my step up to F1. I’ve spent a lot of time with the team in the factory too, learning as much as I can to get ready for the 2019 season.

“It’s been my dream to get to Formula 1 since I was a kid. I gained useful experience behind the wheel during practice sessions in 2018, and now I’m really looking forward to making my race debut with McLaren. The MCL34 looks great and now I just want to drive it.”